10 Min Full Body Workout To Burn Calories - No Equipment Needed

If you are short of time you can make my quick full body workout that is divided into 4 sets: 2 sets for legs and butt, upper body set and abs set.

Don’t forget to make warm up to get your body ready for the workout.

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When doing any exercises at home, make sure that you’re training in a safe environment. If you need a rest, have it. If you feel any discomfort, just slow down. If you have any health problems, you’d better consult with the doctor before starting any workout. Your health is your responsibility. Don’t try to shift it on to someone else.

If you want better results, make sure that you have a healthy and balanced diet to support your fitness program.

Remember, we are all unique. We all have a unique way. And every way is beautiful. Don’t push yourself too hard and don’t wait quick results. Love your body and help it smoothly change in the way you want it to be.

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