We got one of the biggest names in streaming joining us today, Kai Cenat (@KaiCenat )! Kai shares the story of how he became one of the biggest voices in such a new space by just being himself and developing a relationship with his massive following. But this success didn't come easy, Kai spent years prioritizing his dreams of being an entertainer and content creator over partying and doing what everyone else was doing and now at the age of only 21 has already bought his mother a house and is still young enough to take his life in any direction imaginable. We're proud to see this young king killing the game and we'll be watching closely to see what's coming next!


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00:00 Intro
01:47 Kai Cenat’s Prison Live Stream
06:03 Coming Up in The Bronx
11:59 Rise To Fame, Authenticity, Impact of Money on Friendship
19:00 Importance of Supportive Parents & Good Friends
22:06 Staying Off the Streets with Video Games
24:56 Kai Cenat’s Youtube Channel and Team of Creators: AMP
30:15 Friends Who Want To See You Win
37:48 Wall Talks About His Experience In Jail
43:42 Kai Cent Talks About What It Takes To Be Successful
50:08 Gillie & Wallo’s Journey From Street Hustling To Successful Content Creators
56:05 The importance of staying focused, avoiding distractions, and putting in hard work to achieve success
1:02:20 Kai Cenat Doesn’t Take Money For Music Reviews
1:09:31 Kai Cenat’s Plans For The Future
1:15:22 Shout Out To Mr. Beast For Impact On YouTube Receive SMS online on sms24.me

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