Gorillaz - Strange Timez ft. Robert Smith (Episode Six)

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Gorillaz present Song Machine | Season One
Episode Six: Strange Timez ft. Robert Smith
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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-Directors: Tim McCourt, Max Taylor
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Production Manager: Samia Ahmed
Production Assistant: Laurence Moss
2D Animation Supervisor/Lead Animator: Venla Linna
2D Animators: Amanda Holm, Simone Cirillo
2D FX Animation: Amanda Holm
Clean Up Artists: Paola Costigliola, Francisco Magalhães, Venla Linna
Suit Highlights: Francisco Magalhães, Amanda Holm, Venla Linna, Jessica Leslau
3D Generalist Lead: Mark Maxwell
3D Sculpt and Modelling: Paco Rocha
3D Modelling & Rigging: Simon Legrand
3D Modelling: Dolph Souza
3D Animator: Kristian Antonelli
Compositor Lead: Leandro Vazquez
Compositors: Francesco Ferraresi, Valerie Guichard, Alican Serbest
Background Paint: Igor Piwowarczyk

Production Company: The Line

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management