I am become Fancy: Theatre

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Episode 1: Exploring the world of Fancy things. Starting with The Theatre.
Hope you guys like this enough because we've already made 3 more of these things releasing over the next few weeks. Plus another 3-4 on Incognito Mode.

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Music attribution:
Symphonie Fantastique - Hector Berlioz
Marriage of Figaro Overture - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Icon of Sin - Doom 2
At Dooms Gate E1M1 - Doom 1
Violin Sonata in G Minor - Giuseppe Tartini
Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphony No. 5 - Ludwig van Beethoven
Romeo and Juliet - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Symphony No. 5 in C Minor III Allegro - Ludwig van Beethoven - Fulda Symphonic Orchestra
Orchestral Chaos - Rayman Legends
Soldier Attack - Outlast
Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig Van Beethoven
Nocturne in E Flat Major op 9 no 2 - Chopin
Solo Cello Passion - Doug Maxwell
Neighborhood 2 - Sims
The Red Horse - Total War: Attila
Buy Mode 1 - Sims
Shopping Frenzy - Pantheon Music
Buy Mode 4 - Sims
Rule, Britannia! Cover
Autumn Work - Don't Starve Together OST
Creepy Forest - Don't Starve Receive SMS online on sms24.me

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