Bond Market Sell-off Not Over, Says Nicholas Glinsman

Nicholas Glinsman, veteran macro investor and co-founder at Malmgren-Glinsman Partners, returns to Forward Guidance to update his views on fixed-income and the economy. He argues that shorting the yen // buy non-yen-denominated assets trade, the “greatest carry trade in the world,” may be unwound as the Bank of Japan steers away from yield curve control and potentially will raise interest rates. This would have massive implications on global markets, which Glinsman expounds on in depth. Filmed on November 20, 2023.
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00:00 Introduction
09:19 The Deficit Will Probably Increase, Not Decrease
11:05 U.S. Election
15:21 Crypto & European Sovereign Debt Crisis
26:13 Germany's Fiscal Situation
31:51 Geopolitics in Middle East
35:26 The "Biggest Carry Trade In The World"
56:03 Stock Market
01:07:27 U.S. China Relations Are Improving

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