"Locked Doors" | Sci-Fi Animated Short Film (2022)

Created by David James Armsby.

"Locked Doors" is about a man stuck on a broken-down spaceship waiting for rescue. He has no idea what caused the wreck. His whole crew has mysteriously vanished, the ship has been overrun by strange vegetation, and he is slowly losing his mind. The one thing that's keeping the man alive is his curiosity about what may lie behind the one and only locked door aboard the ship...

Hope you guys like this weird little film I made! I would describe the film as a dark-comedy science fiction film heavily inspired by the horror works of H.P Lovecraft.
I haven't made a stand-alone short film that wasn't part of some huge overarching series for years. It was really refreshing going back and working on a simpler, one-off film.
Despite its seeming simplicity; "Locked Doors" actually had the wackiest behind-the-secnes production of any of my films so far. I made this film in just 14 days and the experience drove me nearly insane. If you want to know more; feel free to check out the "Making Of" video! ^_^

Some Sound Effects From;

Music Used:
“The Killing Joke” - Savfk
@Savfk - Music

https://www.patreon.com/davidarmsby Receive SMS online on sms24.me

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