Will Sam Bankman-Fried Go To Jail?

Will SBF go to jail? That’s just 1 of the many UNANSWERED questions I have about this whole FTX saga. In fact, I have 14 burning questions on my mind that I want to run through and share my predictions for. You let me know your predictions about each one too! And if you have any other unanswered questions please write them in the comments!

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0:00 SBF to Jail?
2:08 Is He Delusional?
2:38 Caroline Ellison
3:36 8 Billion Dollar Loss?
5:00 CZ from Binance
5:57 Can’t Miss Event with Caleb & Brown
7:13 Contagion
8:07 Bye Institutions
8:41 Bye Tom Brady
9:33 Regulators Furious
10:10 Gary Gensler Saved Us?
10:46 Will Creditors Get Any Money Back?
11:32 Solana Dead?
12:24 The “Hack” (Inside Job)
13:12 A Better Future?

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