Has The U.S. Fallen Out Of Love With Instant Coffee?

Americans drank an estimated 517 million cups of coffee daily in 2022 spending almost $110 billion on the beverage that year. Cold brews, expresso-based beverages and perfectly roasted beans are among the top drinks for today’s coffee aficionados trying to get their caffeine fix. But one segment of the U.S. market has given up ground. Instant coffee, the kind that dissolves in hot water, has seen consumption fall to just 4% of American coffee drinkers. By comparison instant coffee accounts for about 25% of the coffee consumed globally. Nescafé, Swiss-based food giant Nestlé’s largest coffee segment, is one of the world’s biggest coffee brands. Worldwide one in seven cups of coffee consumed is a Nescafé.

0:00-2:37 Introduction
2:38-5:16 Chapter 1 - Instant coffee boom
5:17-7:58 Chapter 2 - The global market
7:59-11:52 Chapter 3 - Future growth

Produced by: Shawn Baldwin
Edited by: Marc Ganley
Supervising Producer: Jeniece Pettitt
Camera: Peter Scheid
Additional Footage: Getty Images, Blue Bottle Coffee

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