I build this in my workshop

If you watch my channel you know I like to build cutting boards.
This time I wanted to make somethign more unique and cut an inlay with my CNC that I filled with Lead Free solder Wire
with a NSF 61 certification for safe use in potable water applications and
100% environmental safe: completely free of antimony or nickel.

approximate dimensions:
length: 54cm (24 1/4 inch)
depth: 29.5cm (11 1/2 inch)
height: 4cm (1 1/2 inch)

On the table saw set the fence to 4cm (for the board you will flip the pieces to the
side, so you end up with a edge grain cutting board thats 4cm in height.

6 pieces of walnut each about 2.5 cm thick (1 inch) (cut all pieces to a length of 54cm)
4 pieces of walnut about 1/2 cm thick (1/4 inch)(cut all pieces to a length of 54cm)
5 pieces of cherry about 2.5cm thick. (1 inch) (cut all pieces to a length of 54cm)

Instagram - whatmeikemakes
website: www.meikemade.com
tiktok - WhatMeikeMakes
email - whatmeikemakes@gmail.com

๐ŸŒณProducts I use:
Wood Oil (Liquid Hydration): https://meikemade.com/?product_cat=wood-finishes
Wood Butter (Moosemagoose): https://meikemade.com/?product_cat=wood-finishes

RESIN: www.totalboat.com use code: WhatMeikeMakesTB

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