Legend of Mana -The Teardrop Crystal- | Episode 08 [English Sub]

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Episode 08:Black Pearl
Episode Summary:
Pearl was nowhere in the inn! Shiloh and Elazul panicked. Did Serafina take her away? As they were thinking about that, they found a letter in the room. Led by it, the two arrived at Mekiv Caverns and met the captured Pearl alongside the Jewel Thief Sandra. With her overwhelming strength, she easily defeated Shiloh and Elazul. She then tried to make Pearl cry, however...

There was once a young boy named Shiloh who lives near the city of Domina. From who knows when, he starts to hear a mysterious voice inside his dream, telling him that he has a duty to fulfill.
One day, he meets a pair of "Jumi."
Jumi is a tribe of humanoid gem people that was driven to near-extinction due to people hunting the jewels embedded in their chests.
With the appearance of a mysterious "Jewel Hunter," more and more Jumi people are attacked all over the world.
Thus Shiloh embarks on a journey about the Jumi and their jewels!
📺 From 8th October, 01:25 (GMT+8)

📺 Available Platforms
▶️Muse Asia YouTube | Saturdays at 01:25 (GMT+8)
(Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam)

Original Work: Squear Enix "Legend of Mana"
Director and Series Composition: Masato Jinbo
Original Character Design: HACCAN
Animation and Character Design: Tarou Ikegami
Music: Yoko Shimomura
Production: Warner Bros. Japan
Animation Production: Graphinica and Yokohama Animaiton Lab

Shiloh (VA: Nobunaga Shimazaki)
Serafina (VA: Saori Hayami)
Elazul (VA: Yuichiro Umehara)

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