Tips on Overcoming Anxiety @Vlad Savchuk

Tips on Overcoming Anxiety @Vlad Savchuk

Anxiety is something many people of all ages struggle with around the world.
It affects people's livelihoods in different areas of their lives.
What does God have to say about anxiety? Is it something inevitable that we deal with? Is there any way out of it?

Pastor Vlad shares keys to understanding what anxiety is, where it stems from spiritually, and steps on HOW you can OVERCOME anxiety, once and for all!

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Satan Brings Anxiety
1:24 Sin Brings Anxiety
2:27 Demands of Service Can Bring Anxiety
4:45 Anchor Your Identity In Jesus Christ
8:32 Avoid Falling into the Comparison Trap
9:38 Don’t Let Someone’s Success Bring You Stress
9:58 Honor the Sabbath
12:37 Exercise
14:35 Seek Community, Not Isolation
17:24 Cut Off Toxic People
19:30 He Will Give You Rest
20:33 Prayer

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