Dua Lipa - Training Season / Houdini (Live at The GRAMMYs 2024)

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Creative Director Peter Abbott @peterjabbott
Music Director William Bowerman @williambowerman
Choreographer Charm LaDonna @charmladonna
Stylist Lorenzo Posocco @lorenzoposocco
Lighting and Production Designer Matthew Pitman @pixelmappers
Choreographer Jacques Heim Diavolo @jacques_heim_dvlo
Make-Up Artist Lisa Eldridge @lisaeldridgemakeup
Hair Stylist Peter Lux @peterluxhair
Bassist Matthew Carroll @mattycarroll87
Backing Vocals Ciara O'Connor @ciaraeoconnor
Backing Vocals Naomi Scarlett @thenaomiscarlettletter
Guitarist Alexander Lanyon @alexanderlanyon
Keyboards Georgie Ward @georgiefaithward
Multi-instrumentalist Sophie Galpin @sophiegalps
Drummer Adam Wade @adamsmileywade
Project&Production Manager Caribay Franke Quijada Diavolo @caricaribay
Performer/Rehearsal Director Connor Senning @the_bodyworkartist
Performer/Technical Director Steven Jasso @st.jasso
Dancer/Associate Choreographer Katharine Dougherty @kate.dougherty_
Dukagjin Lipa Manager
Sofia Gold Day to Day Manager
Olivia Moss Personal Assistant to Dua Lipa
Maisy Nicholson EA to Dukagjin Lipa
Joel Attenborough Quartey Marketing Director
Jessica Spink Content & Creator Manager @jessspink_
Kathy Reilly Publicist @permanentpressmedia
Grant Thompson PR Logistics @permanentpressmedia
Tyrell Hampton Photographer @tyrellhampton
Benji Gershon Short Form Content Creator @amitybloc @amitybloc
Stylist Assistant Raeann Hayden @raeannhayden
Wardrobe Supervisor Lorraine Jones @lorrainewardrobe23
Choreographer Sharon Mangoendinomo Associate @sharon.june
Assistant Choregrapher Sammi Lee Jayne @sammileejayne
Executive Producer Raj Kapoor
Executive Producer Ben Winston
Co-Executive Producer Patrick Menton

Jordan Beasley
Aaron Boatright @chosen_king_boatright
Jared Bogart @jared_bogart
Christopher Borrero @_chris_borrero_
Aaron Franco @aarons_dance
Simon Greenberg @simongweenbug
Kazuma Inoue @kazulism_dance
Jarel Lewis @jrllws
Daemion Marcuz @dae.nce
Edward Menchavez Jr @ejay.Menchavez
Oscar Ramos @oskiep84
Juan Rodriguez @coelsky
Ryan Ruiz @ryanroozie
Cordarrel White @cordy_white
Jarrett Yeary @jarrettyeary
Yainer Ariza @yai_ariza
Bernard Bell @bernardlbell
Brandon Beltran @brandonbeltran
Morgan Ceely @morganceely
Edith Cruz @theedithcruz
Lindsey Desrosiers @lindseydee
Mario Harris @mariodharris
Kane Horn @k_anehorn
Benjamin Hukin @BenHukin
Mariusz Kotarski @maniekartman4real
Aysia Laniero @aysiaianiero
Lamaar Manning @lamaarmanning
Roberto Olmos @mr.olmos_
Amadi Oubichon @amadiakilah
Kailum Richardson @kailum_richardson
Demi Rox @demiroxmensah
Triana Steward @tritri_0
Bailey Swift @Bailey_swift_
China Taylor @itschinataylor
Nichole Weber @nicholeweber

Set Designer Flora Harvey @floraharvey
Video Content Creator Dylan Byrne @dylanryanbyrne
Video Content Creator James Lockey @jameslockey
Set Build Jet Sets @jet_sets_
Make Up Assistant Nilly Mussa @nilly_vanilli
Wardrobe Assistant Pauline Clarke @pauline_w_clarke
Assistant Hair Stylist Allie Ellis @allieellishair
Stage Manager Adam Morris @mrmoonunit
FoH Audio Engineer William Nicholson @willnich
Monitor Engineer Alex Cerutti. @alex_cerutti
Playback Tech Steven Cowley @stevencowley
Production Coordinator Monica Franco @monicalfranco
Associate Producer Natalie Blass @natalieblass
Lighting Programmer Oliver Martin @ollyy_Martin
Production Assistant Jaimee Bews @darlingyouvechanged
Backline Technician Carl Lewis @Backline78limited
Backline Technician Richard Mills @richardmills
Backline Technician Jonathan Hall @jonny_from_that_heck_band
Audio Systems Engineer James Covill
Runner Richard Estrada
Runner Tammy Germani
Driver Santiago Lozano
Driver Masood Pymanee
Driver Joe Stengel
Security consultant Paul Dallanegra
Venue Security John McCaig
Makeup Artist Lauren Bencomo @laurenbencomomua
Hairstylist Georgia Bolton @georgiacutz
Makeup Artist Angelina Butera @angelinamakeupart
Makeup Artist Melissa Doss Diwa @melissamadfx
Hairstylist Antonio Ferrer @Vivalamane
Hair stylist Shellena Gonzalez @shellena
Makeup Artist Laurie Hallak @lauriemua
Makeup Artist Erin Nakashima @eknmakeup
Hair Moon Summer @summercmoon
Hairstylist Rebecca Wagner @beauty_bybecca
Wardrobe Assistant Spencer Cohen @spencercohenn
Wardrobe Assistant Olivia Sendra @oliviasendra Receive SMS online on sms24.me

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