Seeing isn't always believing — trust me, I'm a magician | Andrew Nunn | TEDxSydney

In a world filled with illusions and misinformation, understanding the power of our beliefs is crucial, as seeing is not always believing. Mentalist Andrew Nunn has been practicing magic for 25 years, and has mastered the art of deception in performance. While he is no psychic and can't read minds, Andrew can demonstrate how beliefs influence our perception of reality. We're wired to believe what we see, even when confronted with the impossible, but with scam rates being higher than ever, how can we be more vigilant with ourselves when it comes to assessing what's real and what is in fact, delusion.

Andy Nunn has dedicated his life to unravelling the mysteries of the mind. Using the power of magic and mentalism, Andrew Nunn challenges the status quo and aims to change how his audience sees the world. An avid scuba enthusiast and ultramarathon runner, Andrew is energised by his curiosity and undaunted by the uncomfortable. With over 25 years of experience, beginning his magical journey at the esteemed Magic Circle at the age of 10, he offers incredible insights into the boundless capabilities of the human mind.

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