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In this clash royale video I am gonna play the cheapest possible deck in clash royale history! Clash Royale Cheapest Goblin Barrel Deck in Clash Royale History. Best Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Deck! Best Clash Royale Deck 2024! This cheapest deck clash royale featuring the goblin barrel clash royale escalates cycle chaos to an unprecedented degree. Goblin barrel has never been more speedy in clash royale! This cheapest clash royale goblin barrel deck has the fastest goblin barrel cycle in the game. Once you throw a goblin barrel clash royale at your opponent's tower and mirror it up, this cheapest deck clash royale only needs 3 cards cycled, which cost 1 elixir each, to get back to another set of goblin barrels. Consequently, this goblin barrel deck is the clash royale log bait deck that functions with the most successful goblin barrel spam. As demonstrated in the first game, the opponent never had any opportunity to endeavor to our side of the arena since my log bait clash royale deck was in complete control of the match. If you're looking to learn how to play log bait or if you want to have fun with a clash royale cheap deck & clash royale low elixir deck, this clash royale goblin barrel deck is the best deck to start playing!

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Hello, I am mortenroyale. I am one of the best clash royalers players in the entire world and I am aiming to bring you the best clash royale gameplay and the best decks in clash royale. I am also a pro player in clash royale league aka CRL. I play mainly Miner Cycle Decks deck on top ladder but here on this channel you will find a wide variety of best decks in Clash Royale like best Hog deck, Miner deck, Logbait deck, Xbow deck, Royal Hogs deck, Pekka deck, Mega Knight deck Royal Giant Deck etc and pro gameplay including Clash Royale Pro tips and tricks which will help you improve in Clash Royale.
If you enjoy strategic Clash Royale Content with some jokes inbetween them this is the content you are looking for!

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