Build Meaningful Relationships with a Personal CRM (template included)

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Life gets busy and we lose touch we people we never thought we would. So in this video I show you how to Build Meaningful Relationships with a Personal CRM using a Notion template I created and have successfully maintained for the past 6 months.

Simply put, a Personal CRM is personal relationship management system that (1) Reminds us to check in with the people we care about and (2) Helps us remember important facts and details about those individuals. Most Personal CRMs fail because they're too complex and we find them to troubleshoot to maintain consistently.

The Personal CRM I created work primarily because of 2 reasons:

1️⃣ You focus on a few "important VIPs" at a time so it doesn't take too long to update, and

2️⃣ Notion is available across platforms, so it doesn't fact the limitations some apps do by being on just 1 operating system

Have fun using this Personal Relationships Manager and don't forget to check in with a loved one today 😉

00:00 Why most Personal CRMs fail
00:29 Snapshot of my Personal CRM template
00:40 Benefits of using a Personal CRM
01:30 Personal CRM template structure
02:30 "Must-have" information
05:08 VIP-specific information
07:06 How to maintain your Personal CRM
08:14 Benefits of Notion vs. other platforms

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