☕ Freshly Brewed: Episode 41 - ☕ - 🔴🟢 - Delirium Aggro (Historic)

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Welcome to Freshly Brewed! The show where you get to see the deckbuilding process from the very beginning. The first game you see on an episode Freshly Brewed is the first game I am playing with a deck I have just made, which means you get to follow along the road a deck takes from concept to execution. Some decks work, some decks don't, but the process is always exciting!

That graveyard can fit so many different card types! This Gruul Aggro Delirium shell is playing the part of welcome wagon for Tarmogoyf in Historic. With cards like Bomat Courier, Dragon's Rage Channeler, and Atarka's Command getting us to Delirium, a forgotten MH2 rare, Bloodbraid Marauder, may have it's time to shine, too!

💻 Full Decklist and Stats Here! 💻

0:00 - Deck Tech
3:10 - Match One vs. Mono-Green Aggro
20:04 - Match Two vs. Sultai Midrange
43:22 - Match Three vs. Maze's End
59:24 - Closing Thoughts

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