My Windows 11 22H2 upgrade experience: Not great at first

This video was going to be the original video on how to upgrade to 22H2, but due to issues I had, I decided to make this a separate video on my upgrade experiences. I do not blame 22H2 for most of these issues, as I believe there was an issue on my end. I also did not upgrade it properly at first and used the Windows 11 installation assistant, which forces PC health check even on Windows 11.

I plan to upgrade to 22H2 again (Edit: already upgraded again) as I feel it will be a much better experience the second time. Perhaps my video editor got corrupted somehow before. It is still having some issues, even after going back to 21H2. I will upgrade again and post on Twitter my experiences. I will not make another video on this. Also I forgot to include the clips of my VM failing to update, however that was due to a corrupted ISO so that isn't 22H2's fault at all.

How are your 22H2 upgrade experiences? Feel free to leave a comment below! I did have good experiences with 22H2 in the past, so i believe this was just a bad upgrade. Things like this can happen sometimes.

Thanks for watching, and more videos soon! I may not upload for at least a week or two after this, due to getting a lot of schoolwork. I have a computer adventure in the works, but that may take time to edit. I will probably take the time to work on that video instead.

My Twitter:
Link to the latest Windows 11 22H2 cumulative update as of September 2022 (In case it refuses to download like mine did):
Windows 11 22H2 new features:
MS blog post:
Windows 11 download page:

0:00 - Before starting the video
0:31 - Recap & some unused clips
1:26 - Checking for 22H2 via WU
2:02 - Trying the MCT
2:58 - Trying the Windows 11 Installation Assistant
4:29 - Downloading Windows 11 ISO
5:20 - Installation Assistant FAIL!
6:08 - Checking winver
6:25 - Upgrading via ISO
7:32 - Issues upgrading via ISO
12:06 - Attempting ISO upgrade again
14:10 - Upgrade successful and new features I noticed
14:38 - Checking winver
14:50 - Checking Windows Updates
15:39 - Nice error lol
15:58 - Checking updates again & new WU feature?
16:46 - WU issues & trying to fix
18:22 - Time to install the update manually!
20:52 - More new features noticed
21:10 - WHY does this option even exist??!
21:40 - More about the update
22:20 - Update finally installed!
23:02 - Update still showing in WU!
24:14 - Another feature discovered lol
24:40 - New task manager
25:13 - Talking about 22H2
26:47 - More issues I had & why I downgraded
28:21 - My plan
28:53 - The upgrade process did not go well
29:13 - Not being offered the update
29:27 - More about my plan
30:05 - 22H2 wasn't bad on other systems
30:18 - Version after 22H2 (23H2??)
30:45 - A bit disappointed about how this went at first
31:07 - If you are having issues, you can do this
31:29 - Most likely wasn't 22H2's fault
31:43 - Wrap up

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