Far Cry 6 is Creatively Bankrupt

Far Cry 6 is quite possibly the laziest Ubisoft game yet. I wanted to like this game, but even with my realistic expectations, it still managed to disappoint. I'm done with this company, and I hope someday people raise their expectations for games and stop buying this repetitive, mediocre trash.


#FarCry6 #SyntheticMan

0:00 Intro
2:27 Mechanics Summary
3:57 Stealth
9:31 Shooting
11:51 Supremos & Animals
14:28 RPG Mechanics
17:17 Weapon Customization
21:08 Clothing & Skills
23:39 Open World Design
31:02 Story Missions
34:08 Story
35:30 Ubisoft Rant
40:12 The Villain
42:37 Conclusion