Verb Forms in Unreal Conditional Sentences (present and future)

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0:00 Introduction
1:27 Structure of an "if" conditional. Verb form in the "if" clause.
3:22 "If" + were
4:51 Verb forms in the main/result clause.
6:35 Using a progressive form in the result clause.
6:56 Practice Task A. Sentence completion.
8:26 Practice Task B. Error correction.
9:35 Practice Task C. Expressing your opinion.

鈻讹笍 2017 lesson on unreal conditionals

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Images retrieved from Pixabay.

Short clips from the following movies and TV shows were used for educational purposes in this video. I do not own the rights to these films. The clips were used to illustrate the use of the target grammar.
Grey's Anatomy - You Can Look (But You'd Better Not Touch) [S13E10]
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - Top Copy [S02E14]
The O.C. - The Dream Lover [S04E11]
Dickinson (2019) - S01E04 Alone, I Cannot Be
Daredevil - Speak of the Devil [S01E09]
Charade (1963)
Miss Congeniality (2000) Receive SMS online on

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