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Marcus, a young intelligence soldier, became a national hero after his bravery in a terrorist attack. The authoritarian regime based on mass surveillance uses his image to value its action. As he returns to his parents' home for furlough, he will be faced with the reality of this ruthless administration he has come to embody in the media.

"Permission" by Martin Razy

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"Permission" Credits:
Directed by Martin Razy
Written by Joël Petitjean
Produced by Ron Dyens
Music - Cyrille Aufort
Cinematographer - Thomas Walser
Casting - Sandie Perez
Assistant Production Manager - Sylvain Thomasson
First Assistant Director - Sarah Hafner
Boom Operator - Harold Hennequin
Sound Mixer - Mathias Large
Visual Effects Supervisor - Léo Natta
Electrician - Teddy Boulangée
Gaffer - Loic Laroche
Electrician - Camille Prost
Data Manager / Colorist - Eymeric Jorat
Location Assistant - Jules Aubert

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