XRP Boom Bang Pow ‼️ XLM + WEF = Kaboom ‼️

#ripple #xrp is projected to explode in price when the case ends and we may be seeing it come to a close soon. #stellar #xlm is expanding rapidly. #Algorand continues absolute domination. I am not a financial advisor please make your own decisions.

0:00 Intro / I can feel it in the air
1:54 XRP parabolic
5:08 XRP Explodes
6:41 XLM Rises
10:28 XLM & WEF
13:03 Algorand Stomps Eth
16:53 Algorand Fifa
18:08 Insane Raisito
19:04 Conbase & Banks ?
21:27 XDC Big Gun
23:39 XDC prepares for war ?
25:38 XDC + Wireless Communications


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