EP17 Clip | Yang Hua was drunk and confessed to her | She and Her Perfect Husband | 爱的二八定律 | ENG SUB

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【Synopsis】Single female lawyer Qin Shi is focused on her career, but was rushed into marriage by her parents. The top lawyer firm, Cheng & Hui is recruiting lawyers specializing in family affairs, and one of the requirements is to be married. Qin Wenyu, Qin Shi's second brother who is also a headhunter, secretly changed Qin Shi's marriage status to "married" without her permission, thus creating a fictional husband for her out of nowhere. Not knowing anything, Qin Shi was employed. Her outstanding performance earned the approval of the founder, Lao Jin. During a gathering with partners, Lao Jin recommended Qin Shi to be a legal counsel for the Association of Women Entrepreneurs. It is only then Qin Shi realizes that she is "married".
【Starring】Yang Mi, Xu Kai, Li Zefeng, Tang Jingmei, Wang Zixuan

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