Tango, As Digested by a Classical Musician

The fruits of an Argentine Tango study done by Nahre Sol, a classical pianist/composer.

00:00 Intro
00:42 History of Argentine Tango
01:35 Social Culture and Dance
02:59 The Rhythm of Tango
04:05 Chords and Improvisation?
04:45 Rhythmic vs Expressive Melodies
05:10 The Harmony of Tango
05:49 Orquesta Típica vs Guitar Ensembles
06:38 The Bandoneon
07:31 Astor Piazzolla
08:43 Writing My Original Tango
09:43 Articulations & Expression
10:25 The Tempo of Tango
11:11 Tango Meets Beethoven
12:18 Finding the Right Pace
12:18 Performance of "First Tango"
15:54 Outro

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Adolfo Trepiana, bandoneon
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Inés Muzzopappa, dance
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Eleanor Durrant, dance
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