Paid Reaction Stream // crayola flavored coca cola


_*What is this?*_
This is a paid request stream, where people pay me to listen to music, whether it be good or bad! Even if I don’t like the song, I appreciate the request, as you are helping me expand my palate, and if I have heard the song before, I get a second chance with it! I do these streams every Tuesday and Saturday at 2PM CST.

_*How to submit a paid request:*_
1. Go to this link to open up the request window:
2. Copy and paste a YouTube video link in the “Share Media” area and choose a time for the request to start. Be sure to pick a video that can play in all countries, and try to avoid low quality audio. (If you want to play something not on YouTube, link the song in the message.) Content that is racist or disturbing will be either ignored or skipped.
3. Choose how much you want to pay (Current price is *$0.15 per second / $9.00 per minute, with a $10.00 minimum* per request) and pay through PayPal or Card. You may request entire albums too, at $9.00 per minute.
4. Write a message introducing your song, saying hi, or anything else you want to include about your submission! Then once it is submitted, It will be placed in “Pending Media”. *Do not worry!* It will be added to “Queued Media” soon enough. You can just sit back and wait for it to show up on stream. Songs will be reacted to in the order they are received.
5. View the queue here to see when your song will play:

_*If your request gets mixed up with another:*_
Don’t panic. Let me know in the chat and I will try to play both your request and the one it was mixed up with in the appropriate order. Streamlabs sometimes will glitch and mesh together 2 requests, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

_*If you think your request was skipped:*_
Let me know what your request was, how much you paid, and what the donation name is, and I will try to accommodate accordingly. If you want a refund for your request, send me your PayPal email on Twitter (, with the amount that you want refunded.

_*Chat rules:*_
Be kind, and don’t make fun of other people’s music tastes. Even music you may find terrible can resonate deeply for others.

_*Become a channel member to get access to perks:*_

Discord server:

⚠⚠ Every few hours, the YouTube Copyright system gives us the No-No screen. When that happens, Brad creates a new stream link to continue the queue. Check pinned comment in chat for the link! ⚠⚠ Receive SMS online on

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