💎 MTG Arena: Bronze To Mythic: Episode 32 - Starting Rank: Diamond 1 (Innistrad: Crimson Vow Draft)

Welcome to BRONZE to MYTHIC, the show where I take my account all the way from the lowest Bronze ranking all the way to the peaks of Mythic! This will be a limited run featuring Innistrad: Crimson Vow Best of One Draft. Follow along and learn what it's like to move through the ranks all the way to the top. The entire run will be streamed on my Twitch channel and featured here on YouTube one draft per episode.

#BronzeToMythic #MagicTheGathering #MTGCrimson #MTGLimited

Thanks for watching!

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Want to know how to get mythic? How to get better at draft? How to get better at Innistrad Crimson Vow draft? How to draft Innistrad? How to draft MTGA in general? You've come to the right place!