The Most EXTREME Natural Phenomena Caught On Tape


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From tornadoes to hurricanes in this video I will be analyzing extreme natural phenomena caught on tape. If you stop to think about it in the old days everything was difficult, nowadays we solve difficult problems in seconds. Nowadays we have a very easy life compared to just a few decades ago, however there is one thing that we can't still calculate the outcome , and that is extreme weather. Despite all of our efforts to predict the weather nature is unpredictable , and it catches us by surprise in extreme ways. Today we will be analyzing these extreme weather events. A YouTuber is caught by surprise in a hailstorm and does what he can to save what's left of his car.
Exploration gone wrong : a group of friends explore an underground bunker during a storm only to find out they have little time to escape a flood.
Severe weather: a para-glider finds himself stuck 8000m of altitude in a freezing environment after he makes one wrong move , a controlled avalanche goes wrong - this and much more. I'm James LaFleur and welcome to the Impossible channel where I analyze strange and mind blowing videos for your entertainment. I upload 2 videos weekly so expect more of the scariest and unbelievable videos found on the internet.

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