Friday Night Funkin' VS Majin Sonic Full Week (FNF Mod/Hard) (Infinite Creep Sonic/Sonic.exe)

Friday Night Funkin' VS Majin Sonic (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a mod by
DISCLAIMER: The creators of this mod are well aware of the existence of the Majin Sonic in the popular Sonic.exe Mod by RightBurstUltra. Please let it be known, this is NOT that same Majin, and is instead a different version that is more based around a character named "Creep" from Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning, while also referencing the original more. So, no, this mod is NOT affiliated with the Sonic.exe mod. Will Boyfriend defeat this new majin sonic foe or will bf finally lose? And where is Girlfriend/GF at?

Game Note: Boyfriend is just messing around with a Sonic game when all of a sudden on accident he discovers the sound test and is suddenly face to face with a grotesque, horrible version of the speedy hedgehog mascot. Now they shall have fun together, forever. Introducing A Single Song That You'll Probably Get Bored Of: "Infinite". A New Character: Majin

Infinity [VS Majin] (Improved!) Download:

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin' VS Majin Sonic Chaotic Endless Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Game Over Animation
00:25 Intro
00:39 Menu
0:44 Fun is infinite week
00:54 Infinity / Infinite Song
03:03 Excited Majic
04:14 Secret Song
05:36 Outro - CommunityGame

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VS Majin Sonic FULL WEEK (No Cutscenes) Mod Download link:
IckyIZ - Musician, "Coder", and Charter:
Mr Concept - Artist and Animator:
ninjamuffin99 - Created Friday Night Funkin:
Shadow_mario - Pysch Engine Coder:

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Friday Night Funkin' gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2021)
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