Is Israel in breach of the ICJ's ruling? | Inside Story

Israel's war has laid waste to the Gaza Strip.
85 percent of the population has been displaced.
Much of the vital infrastructure is so badly damaged that experts say it will take decades to rebuild.
A ruling by the International Court of Justice states Israel MUST take action to prevent the destruction of evidence linked to possible acts of genocide.
But the military has largely ignored this and, if anything, has intensified its bombing campaign.
What can be done to force Israel to comply?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Ahme Abofoul, Legal Researcher and Advocacy Officer at Al Haq, an independent Palestinian non governmental human rights organisation based in Ramallah.

Kate Mackintosh, Executive Director of the University of California Los Angeles Law Promise Institute Europe. She was involved in the development of international criminal law in its fledgling years and contributed to defining many elements of the new area of law.
Mohammed Abu Nimer, Professor and Chair of Abdula Aziz Said for Peace, and Conflict Resolution at American University.

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