GrapheneOS; the greatest mobile OS of all time. Common usability misconceptions DEBUNKED!

Privacy violations of stock android:
More privacy violations of stock android:
Samsung data collection:
Samsung & Facebook partnership:
GrapheneOS chatroom:
GrapheneOS feature list:

00:00 Introduction
00:25 GrapheneOS
01:00 Google's data collection practices
01:15 Constant location tracking
01:30 Google tracks HOW You are moving, not just where you are
01:55 Read the rest of this in the video description link
02:15 Most applications require Google play services, unfortunately
03:00 Security features of GrapheneOS
04:05 Common misconceptions
04:20 Banking apps won't work on GrapheneOS - UNTRUE
04:42 Uber won't work on GrapheneOS - UNTRUE
05:35 Any app requiring Google play services WILL WORK ON GRAPHENEOS
05:49 but YOU set the permissions of GrapheneOS
06:09 You can turn off Google's access to sensors
06:26 Notifications don't work on GrapheneOS - UNTRUE
06:44 How to fix notifications on GrapheneOS
07:05 Why isn't Google privileged/unrestricted by default?
07:25 Push notifications work just fine!
08:20 It only works on a pixel? That doesn't sound secure!
11:05 Biggest misconception: you have to compromise convenience to have GrapheneOS' security
12:45 You want privacy? You must be crazy!!

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